Start practicing your Stock chart skills using a simulator specifically designed to accelerate your learning curve.

Are Fear, Greed and Pride Getting in Your Way?

Practice trading in an emotionless environment with our “accelerated-time simulator.

How do you practice trading in an emotionless environment?

The answer is simulation. Simulation allows you to pretend to trade real stocks using virtual money. Since your virtual money isn’t real, you can concentrate on gaining deep understanding of the technicals of a stock without the bias brought by fear, greed and even pride.

Is there a faster way to train yourself?

That was the question that we asked ourselves when we developed StockReflex our revolutionary new “Accelerated-time simulator”. StockReflex allows you to virtually trade against historical stock data that is replayed at a dramatically accelerated speed.

How does it work?

StockReflex shows you a stock’s chart and you make your decisions based on chart patterns and technical analysis. Your practice sessions are fast, free of greed and fear and even a little fun! Practice trading with: trendlines, moving averages and technical indicators.

Trading with real money is not practicing. Whenever you have real money at stake, your learning curve is going to be corrupted by your emotional response. Fear, Greed and Pride cause you to focus your attention on the wrong things at the wrong times. StockReflex takes the emotion out of the equation!

According to a recent study at the University of California, 90% of inexperienced stock market traders lose money.


The answer is a combination of technical smarts, fundamental analysis and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  So practicing your trading is important…but you have to practice correctly for it to be of any value. If you are trading with real money in the market you are not practicing! 

Whenever you have real money at stake your learning curve is going to be corrupted by your emotional response. How do your emotions prevent you from learning? They make you focus on the wrong things at the wrong times:

Fear – Fear is the enemy of rational judgement. Fear makes you follow momentum instead of anticipate it. Fear keeps you from buying when a stock’s downward move stalls and fear makes you sell too soon before you’ve had a chance to make a big profit.

Greed - Greed keeps you in the game too long. Greed makes you ride that spike up and then stay in as it comes all the way back down. When your emotions are influenced by greed you are seeing the future, not the present.

Pride - It’s hard to take a loss, even when it is the right thing to do. Too many investors hold on to a loser long past the time that they should have sold. Coupled with pride is overconfidence. Whoa betide a novice trader who gets lucky with their first few trades-those are the guys that leverage themselves up and then wipe themselves out!


“Every professional needs to practice to be at the top of their profession and trading is no different. Trading without practicing beforehand is as dangerous as walking out onto the Superbowl field for your first football game.”

“With StockReflex you can quickly fast forward through historical data so you don't have to wait around for months to see how you've done.”

“StockReflex allows you to truthfully test your trading ability and prove whether your strategy works.”

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