StockReflex 10.0 Launch

Ongoing updates

Our previous stock data source stopped providing free stock data so we switched to a new data source and also launched some cool updated functionality. 

Posted on: June 30 2019 (03:47pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex 8.0 Launch

Actions and alarms

Automation added to allow StockReflex to automatically open or close a position at a particular price point. Also many small changes added to improve the handling and performance of the product.

Posted on: Nov 18 2018 (11:17pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex 5.0 Launch

Intraday and futures trading

StockReflex now gives you the ability to trade intraday data and futures markets (e-mini, commodities, forex etc)! This is accomplished by giving you the ability to import your own stock data files (from TradeStation, e-signal etc) and this means that you can now use StockReflex to practice trading on any market that you have data for!

Posted on: Oct 3 2018 (9:17pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex 4.2 Launch

Copy and paste our charts!

We've now added the ability for our users to take snapshots of the charts produced by StockReflex for use in their blogs, articles and documentation. This is great for analysts who use our program as part of their article preparation.

Also added is:

Margin - Virtually trade with up to 50:1 margin -- see how quick you can loose money if a trade goes bad :)

Trade on the open - Now you can trade on the open as well as the close of the day.

Commission - Specify a brokerage commission to use when trading.

Posted on: July 23 2018 (10:17pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex 

StockReflex 4.0 Launch

Short selling on StockReflex

StockReflex now gives you the ability to sell short - which is especially important in times like these). Are there other features that you want? Let us know! User feedback is our primary method of deciding which function we are going to add next!

Posted on: March 15 2018 (4:17pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex 3.0 Launch

Candlesticks, zooming and more...

StockReflex is still a young product and to help guide our further development, we are listening to what our users want. This month we have launched the following new features:

    CandleSticks - Show the chart in Candlestick mode

    DMI - Directional Movement Indicators (DMI and ADX)

    Zooming - Zoom in for a close looker at the stockchart

Posted on: Feb 13 2017 (9:01pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex 2.0 Launch

New Technical Indicators added to StockReflex

4th Systems announces the launch of version 2.0 of StockReflex. In this release we have added some of the top technical indicators that traders use when analyzing stocks. These new indicators include:

    Can now have up to 3 moving averages shown simultaneously.

    EMA - Exponential Moving averages

    RSI - Relative Strength index

    Stochastics - Fast and Slow Stochastics

    Bollinger bands


"These new indicators greatly increase the options available to professional traders who wish to hone their skills with StockReflex" says Peter Forth, CEO of 4th Systems.

Posted on: Jan 7 2016 (11:01am EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex Launch - Press Release

New stock trading tool challenges you to beat the chart while fast-forwarding through real market history

4th Systems today announced the launch of StockReflex, an online edu-game that lets users sharpen their trading skills by quickly scrolling through years of historical stock charts. With $100K of virtual money to play with, users make buy and sell decisions based on chart activity and get an instant and authentic read on how these trades would have actually played out.

Most virtual trading systems have users trade against real-time data, which means they have to wait around for weeks or months to see if they made the right call. Alternatively, StockReflex lets users buy and sell during a rapid replay of genuine chart data from the past, allowing users to amass "retro-trading experience" in a compressed time frame. Moving averages, trend lines and alerts help users analyze patterns, test strategies and hone their gut instincts without risking real money.

"StockReflex's swift pace and competitive scoring makes it play like a fun video game, but legitimate learning is gleaned through the process," says Peter Forth, CEO of 4th Systems. "Every time you play StockReflex you get better at playing the real market."

Recent market volatility makes the release of StockReflex a timely tool for traders of all levels of experience. It allows users to practice trading without a cloud of fear or greed influencing decisions.

StockReflex sells for $150 and lets users trade thousands of stocks from across the market spectrum. Users can pick a particular stock or let the system select a mystery stock for them.

Posted on: Sep 13, 2015 (9:08pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex

StockReflex Pre-Release Announcement

We are proud to present the pre-release of our StockReflex. Part fun, part educational, StockReflex lets you test and improve your market timing skills by presenting you with real stock charts from the past, asking you to make buy/hold/sell decisions based on those charts and then letting you quickly discover if you made the right decision by forwarding into the future.

If you've ever traded the market, this tool can be used to accelerate your learning curve without endangering your bank account.

We are particularly excited to launch this week as the increased volatility in the stock market makes refining your market timing ability more important than ever!

Posted on: Aug 24, 2015 (9:08pm EST) | Posted by: StockReflex