The Opportunity

If you find StockReflex to be a fit for your internet audience, consider joining our reseller program. We offer 30% of the revenue you generate for us through referrals. This can provide significant incremental revenue for you.

Who are our resellers?

If you have a stock related newsletter, website or blog or you are a broker, trader or stock guru of any kind then you could qualify to sell StockReflex.

How does it work?

We recognize that you are busy so we make it super easy to get yourself set up. All you have to do is:

1. Email us your name, address, web site url and the name you would like your payment checks to be made out to.

2. We will email you back a link that you can use when recommending the product in your newsletter or website.

3. Any sales from someone who follows the link will be attributed back to you.

4. We will pay you 30% of all the revenue that you generate and send you a check on a monthly basis.

5. If you prefer to do a wire transfer instead of a check, just send us your wire transfer details as well.

Send us an email and get started today!