Download StockReflex Now and Experience the difference

Start practicing your Stock chart skills using an accelerated-time simulator specifically designed to accelerate your learning curve.

Try StockReflex for free and become familiar with the product. The free demo version allows you to virtually two sample stocks, and gives you access to all of StockReflex's functionality including moving averages and other technical indicators, trendlines, alerts and candlesticks.

When you purchase StockReflex for a one time fee of only $150, you can virtually trade on the historical data of thousands of different stocks. You can either choose a particular stock symbol you want to trade or have StockReflex pick a random mystery stock for you.

The download for the full version of StockReflex is the same as the download as the demo version.

When you complete your purchase, you will be emailed a license code that you can enter into StockReflex to complete your registration.

Explore the Features

Real Stock Data

Practice trading by replaying historical stock data from a wide range of companies in various market sectors.

Virtual Money

You are given a virtual $100,000 to trade each stock with.

Fast Action

Zip through the data like a video game. Develop refined reflexes and learn to listen to your gut!

Moving Averages

Up to 3 simultaneous moving averages help you make buy and sell decisions.

Trend Lines

Use trend lines to help you see when a stock breaks out or breaks down.

More Features

Technical Indicators

StockReflex includes the most popular technical indicators used by professional traders:

EMA - Exponential Moving averages
RSI - Relative Strength index
Stochastics - Fast and Slow Stochastics
Bollinger bands


The system can alert you when certain conditions occur so that you don't miss them.
When there are large moves in stock price.
When you cross moving averages and trend lines.
When your trade changes from positive to negative.
When you go through a stop-loss or trailing stop-loss.

Trade Any Stock

Use the stock ticker symbol to pull up the real historical data on almost any stock, or ask the system to randomly choose a stock for you.

Short Selling

New! You can now go either long or short on the stock your are virtually trading. 


Race against the buy and hold strategy - you may find it's surprisingly hard to beat! 


Compete against other traders for best returns on a stock. 

Intraday trading

Import intraday data files (from sources such as Tradestation and e-Signal) to trade intraday data.

Futures trading

Import futures data files such as e-mini, commodities and forex to trade with.

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